John James (JJ) McDermott

Field Manager

JJ joined the team at GJCRM in 2011. JJ’s role is to manage and administer the field component of projects, carry out fieldwork and supervise field staff as required. JJ ensures that surveys run efficiently by managing and maximising the productivity of field archaeologists to achieve successful project outcomes. JJ has contributed to numerous Aboriginal cultural heritage surveys in the Pilbara and his responsibilities have involved liaising with traditional indigenous land owners and proponent clients as well as identifying and recording archaeological material and sites. JJ has regularly contributed to heritage reports in the form of site descriptions, digital site plans and GIS maps.

JJ has had several years’ experience as a field and research archaeologist in his native Ireland before arriving in Australia. JJ has managed projects, compiled survey reports and contributed to publications on topics such as Late Medieval rural Irish settlement and the underwater archaeology of coastal Ireland.

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