David Walshe

Archaeologist – Senior Report Writer

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) MA

David joined the GJCRM team in August 2010 as a Field Archaeologist and was promoted to Field Manager in August 2011. David has overseen numerous Aboriginal cultural heritage surveys in the Pilbara region. As a Field Manager David administered the field component of numerous projects, carried out fieldwork and supervised field staff, ensuring that surveys ran efficiently by managing and maximising the productivity of the field team to achieve successful project project outcomes. Before joining the GJCRM team, David volunteered on the Livatho Valley Survey in southwest Kephalonia, Greece. The project comprised a diachronic investigation of the Livatho Valley with special attention given to destructive geomorphological processes in the earthquake-prone region of Kephalonia.

In August 2012 David was promoted to the position of Senior Report Writer within the company. In this role David ensures that client’s project reporting and submission deadlines are met with efficiency and reliability. David is in charge of quality control through ongoing staff training and it is his responsibility to ensure that all reports are produced to a consistently high standard and on budget. David has authored and co-authored more than 50 archaeological survey and salvage reports.

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